Every girl is BEAUTIFUL and WORTH IT

What you’re actually worth is more valuable than anything on the earth, and that’s priceless.

How is this possible, and what makes a girl so valuable? What makes her valuable is not what’s on the outside, but everything she responsibly deposits on the inside, like personal quiet time with the Father, healthy friendships, good mentors and even healthy diets and exercise.

We must be willing to stop allowing things of no value to be placed on our table of life and be willing to invest quality “ingredients” on the inside. We should also take proper care of ourselves because we know that our body, soul and mind are the temple of God.

QUALITY INGREDIENTS + PROPER CARE= GREAT WORTH AND VALUE. Are you investing quality ingredients and taking proper care in your life? All of these things play a role in producing an excellent and valuable you.


Against what do you measure your worth? When determining who’s taller, we use a ruler. When deciding the right amount of liquid in a container, we use a measuring cup. When looking to see how much weight we gain or lose, we use a scale. How silly would it be to measure your weight with a tablespoon, a glass of water with a ruler or salt on a scale? Pretty silly, huh?

“For her price is far above rubies.” Her price is known because her worth has been measured properly, using the correct system. We can never get the true worth or value of anything when we measure its value using the wrong measuring system.

A Girl should never measures her worth by outward people or things. Measuring ourselves by other things and people causes low self-esteem and leaves us feeling insecure. A Girl should know that true value can only be determined when she measures it by the great potential the Father has already placed on the inside of her.

Again , every girl is beautiful and worth it… They need respect …

Girls, know that you are lovely because God is our Creator. He created us in His image and likeness . Know that you are worth the wait and you deserves the best! DON’T RUSH!!


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