Are you READY to GO?

733927_457765144328500_314160113_n“Am I ready to go?” , this is usually our line whenever we have something to be done. We have these questions like, “Am I capable? , Do I have what it takes ?” . But our God is a BIG God. He won’t let us to be stagnant.

Tonight was a memorable night for me. God restored my PASSION COMPLETELY. He gave me CONFIRMATIONS for the DREAM He blessed upon me. VISIONS that only I and GOD knows. He has given me ANSWERS. He has given me DIVINE RESTLESSNESS to do something for His Kingdom. And that’s why I’m reminded about the books of ACTS.

The Book of Acts is one of the most action-packed books of the whole Bible. There are so many characters going all over the place. The story moves from cities to deserted highways to remote islands. The sheer number of locations mentioned cover thousands of kilometers.

It’s got fights, riots, shipwrecks, people being mistaken for gods, demonic violence, people falling out of buildings and coming back to life, high stakes trials, political drama, and many more!

The main theme throughout the whole book is that God’s people go. Jesus commanded His disciples to go into all the nations. And they did just that. Christians started going wherever they could. Everyone was involved – young and old, church workers and business people, single and married.

Some went to their home town, some went to distant tribes. Some went to their friends. Many went to their enemies. Some went to their peers. Some went to the leaders of their society.

Their actions are immortalized for us in the Book of Acts. For the next several weeks, I want us to know how this seemingly unimportant bunch of disciples became a worldwide movement that lasted thousands of years, growing stronger and stronger to this day. As you’ll read it, you’ll find your steps to doing the same thing in your part of the world.

The Book of Acts isn’t over. When you get to the end, the story seems to keep going. That’s because it is. It’s been going since Jesus started and now it’s come to you. It’s your turn to spread the word. It’s your turn to change the world. It’s your turn to GO.


Do you feel like God is calling you to share the gospel to a classmate or a friend or to reach out to your campus? What usually stops you from doing so?

Focus on the Goal!!

People can’t stop talking about something they’re passionate about. Maybe you have a friend who gets so excited about a tv show or basketball. Or maybe they keep raving about the latest movie or their favorite musician. Whatever it is, it’s easy to tell what the person is most passionate about by what they always talk about.

Jesus was this way about the kingdom of God. All throughout the Gospels, we find Him talking about God’s kingdom. After he resurrected, He stayed on topic. Jesus wasn’t concerned about many small things. He lived His life with one main purpose – to establish God’s kingdom on earth through changing people’s hearts. Everything He did built up to this. He was a man on a mission.

As His followers, He calls us to be single-minded in our focus. It’s time to do away with other petty issues that distract us. In Acts 1:6-7, the disciples got preoccupied with the politics of Israel, but Jesus wanted them to shift their focus to something much bigger – the kingdom of God being established all over the world. In the same way, we can get caught up in smaller issues – becoming more popular, our own success, wondering what others think of us, comparing the size of our discipleship group with others, etc. It’s time to drop all the other issues. God desires a church of focused individuals dedicated to advancing His Kingdom everywhere they go.

Overcome Fear, Just GO!!!

1451523_457765407661807_1818816135_n1451967_457763704328644_1697590839_n 1456049_457764667661881_789452756_n
Talk to a Christian friend who knows you and shares your passion for God’s Kingdom. Tell them about your tendencies to focus on less important issues and ask for their prayer and accountability in this area. Make a decision that goes against your former nature. For example, if before your concern for your reputation kept you from sharing your faith, then just start sharing. Pick a time and do it. The feeling will follow, but obedience comes first.

Not by HYPE, nor by EMOTION, but by THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Let God use you. Be a channel, be a Vessel.

God Bless you now and always ,

❤ Je


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