A Friend just Like the MAN ABOVE.

God often works through the people we have in our lives. So who are your friends? What kind of friend are you to others?

Very few people want to spend their life without friends. It has been said that if you end up with five really close friends over the course of your life that you should consider yourself to be really blessed. Think about it. How many really close friends do you have? I am not talking about acquaintances. I am talking about friends that know everything about you and still love you and vice versa. True friendship is a gift and should be treated that way. So, what if you don’t have many friends? God’s Word offers advice on the type of friends you should have and what kind of person you need to be to get good friends. Having a best friend is a great thing!


God created us for relationships. In fact, the greatest commandment–to love God with all our heart , soul, and mind and to love our neighbor as our self–is all about relationships. But that’s not exactly easy all the time ; Relationships are messy and tough.

I am not saying or talking about relationships because ” I’M GOOD WITH IT ” . Nah. I’m also messing with this area. Nobody’s perfect. I cannot please everybody.. I can’t make everybody likes me .

But I know with God’s help, I can be a friend that’s kind ,wise ,faithful and fearless. And with that, in any relationship , YOU REALLY NEED TO BE TRUE IN ALL ASPECTS. I , myself, I can confidently say that I am being true in what I do. In every circumstances , I really opted to be REAL.. I never like PRETENTIONS and Keeping something to thyself. I live a life of full TRANSPARENCY..but sometimes the negative effect of this is  other’s may understood me for being so true.. I say what I have to say..I do what I have to do, Correct what I need to correct ( but not to be so rude ) others see it like that , and I can’t change anyone’s thought about me.

Other’s may fine be “BOSSY” but mind you I am not like that, all I want is that ALL THINGS SHOULD BE EXCELLENT. Because I believe that God deserves our excellency.

All my life I just wanna be HAPPY and serve the Lord. All I want is to be a companion to whom who wants me to be with.



Being kind is a great way to start. When it’s hard to think of something nice to do for someone who isn’t kind to you, pray. Ask God to do good things for them. Ask God to show you how to help.

When someone’s mean to you, you can get even with them, right? No way! Getting even only means you’re both sinning. God says in the Bible to overcome evil with good. Acting kind to someone and praying for them shows love and forgiveness. It will show them they’re wrong to be mean. They might even follow your example and want to be kind, too!
When kids act angry or mean, they get stuck! They need help to get out of their bad attitude. If you try to get even it won’t help them–but being kind and forgiving will.
When kids are mean to you, it hurts your heart. But God promises to heal your heart if you choose to do good instead of trying to be mean back. Be kind to show forgiveness so a mean kid can get better. Do good to them so you can get better, too.
What does righteous mean? Love God more than you love anything else. Follow Him in everything you do. That’s righteous. Righteous kids are friends with everybody, but they choose their best friends VERY carefully. They look for best friends that honor, respect, and love God. Your best friend should make you better, not worse.
You can tell what kind of fruit tree you’re looking at by the type of fruit that grows on it. People are like that, too. A person’s words, actions, and choices show what their heart is like. They’re a great best friend if their fruit shows respect for God.
You’ll start to act like your very best friends. If you choose them carefully, you’ll have best friends that help you make choices to respect God. You’ll follow the plan He has for you! If you choose kids that aren’t godly, you’ll start to make selfish, sinful choices. They’ll lead you away from God’s path for you.
When you choose a best friend that loves God, their good attitudes and habits rub off on you. You’ll be a better person! But how do you know if they love God in the first place? The Bible says to look at their fruit. But what kind of fruit does a person show if they love and respect God?
Picking good best friends is important, but it’s even more important to make sure you’re a good friend. God gives you friends so you can show His love to them, especially when they’re having a hard time. Show love, be loyal, and stand up for the friendship.
Love and loyalty are fruits you’ll grow when you’re a good friend. God wants you to be loving and loyal because He showed love and loyalty to you first. He never stopped loving you and forgiving you even on your worst day.
Your best friends are fun to play with, talk to, and tell your secrets to. But sometimes a best friend is having a hard day, or their feelings are hurt. Don’t give up on them. Be loyal and be there for them. God gave us best friends so we can help them and they can help us
Peer pressure is when kids your age want you to do something. Peer pressure is good if it helps you be a better person and do what God wants. Peer pressure is bad if it pushes you to do something that’s wrong. When peer pressure is bad, ask God to give you courage to choose His way.

You can’t say no to bad peer pressure all by yourself. But God can help you. He makes you brave enough to do the right thing, even when someone else wants you to do the wrong thing.

When there’s bad peer pressure, you have to choose what to do. Will you ask God to give you courage to say, “No!” when kids are making fun of you? Or will you listen to them and do what they want you to do? When you have to decide,
Standing up to kids who are making fun of you might be hard, but it’s a blessing to you when you choose God’s way. It helps you stay out of trouble, makes your heart grow closer to God, and shows good fruit in your life. It’s a blessing to others, too, because it shows them the truth. It gives them courage to stand up for what’s right.
Now I wanna share some moments I had with my TRUE FRIENDS…. You too can experience this kind of love if you also offer yourself as a True friend to somebody.. I hope I can be a help in this area ( I too messed up, but all we need to do is rise up and do it again 🙂







God Bless you now and always,

❤ Je


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