Stilettos ON

Wear your heels. Dance like you mean it. This night, the ladies take control.
All stilettos lead to MEG GIRLS ON TOP!

MEG Magazine hosted a night out party of EDM slam featuring
DJ Nina, Deuce Manila with MC Roda King. Hosted by Sanya Smith at Universe Gastrolounge and Nightclub in Resorts World Manila last night. The said party introduced the new set of MEG Ambassadors .

The attire is said to be a COCKTAIL CHIC and put those “Stilettos ON” . It’s ladies night out! Pulled this outfit off so let me hear your thoughts!
Fact: I scored this dress on SALE 2 weeks ago for only 150php!!! What can you say about that?!? Bought this on a Korean Shop . IMG_4778.JPGIMG_4776.JPG

So why do we need to have a pair of stilettos?

Women wear them to make their legs look longer and make their body more in proportion. They also wear them to date taller and when at work, they wear them to gain a competitive edge.

Long legs are the hallmark of true beauty, if a woman wears heels most of the time, she will gain a distorted view of her own attractiveness. Women who wear them most/all of the time have gotten used to it. It is a crutch, not unlike a hairpiece.

I don’t know why others think its annoying, high heels can be really classy…
When you go to special events (weddings, graduations ect), some girls might like heels more than they like flats. It’s totally up to them what they wanna wear.
I like heals because i think they make my legs look really good. I don’t know, i guess it’s a girl thing. I don’t see why you think its annoying though? They’re just shoes.


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