Swaggy B&W

I wore this outfit last Oct 23,2013 at the registration on our EGW ( that I already blog about ) Hmmm me as a person , I would really wear or choose an outfit that I’m comfortable of .. I really don’t want those itchy kind of fabrics .. coz I easily get irritated .. … More Swaggy B&W

Ambassadors EGW

Honestly, I’m having a hard time on how to start this blog post … just because I’m too excited to share with you guys my wonderful experiences within 3 days of our Network’s Encounter ( October 23-25 ,2013 ) Okay lets start by compiling my memories ….. Bear with me please… Day 1: Take off … More Ambassadors EGW

“What I Can Do While Waiting On God” Acts 1:1-4

INTRODUCTION: Have you ever been forced to sit and wait on something? ***illustration about PIZZA. Personally,I hate waiting! Simply imagining waiting for 15mins for a pizza >. oh I’m gonna die. But, you know, sometimes God makes us wait God doesn’t always answer our prayers with a resounding (military salute) ‘yes sir! Right away sir!’ … More “What I Can Do While Waiting On God” Acts 1:1-4