Follow the Arrow of your Dreams

     Decisions, decisions. It seems a week never goes by without our needing to make at least one important choice. Whether job related, relationship motivated, or something as seemingly innocent as how to spend a free Sunday, wouldn’t it be nice to have an arrow pointing us in the right direction—especially if we are in danger of making a wrong turn?


     So today, Sunday, I’m here sitting on the corner of a coffee shop, people around  me doing their own business, meetings, dates, casual chills, made me realize something. Are we living the life we ought to be?  Are we still considering about the outcomes before making decisions? Are we just a risk-taker?  

First, let’s talk about priorities. Wow! big WORD.  For me, priorities define a person.Like for example,us, women.If there is one thing that a woman can appreciate, it’s something pretty. Shiny things easily catch our attention, and we seek to surround ourselves with beauty.

Beauty in fashion, in cosmetics/ expensive make-ups. Trying to always be on trend. Like get that outfit same as your favorite star. Having those limited edition new release kind of sneakers. How about your unending love for luxurious bags and heels, name it, we all want it. I am not even excluding myself here. I am one of those. But I have to state my difference.

If you know me well, you’ll know that I have this thing with clothes and shoes. I always that kind of girl whose eyes are popping whenever I see this S.A.L.E word. Well, gladly I am not the only one, ayt? Yet here’s the thing, I know my limit when to consider it a want or a need. How about you guys? Are we living a lifestyle we cannot afford? Are you part of generation having that ” one-day millionaire” attitude? I hope not!

Let us not become that kind of person. Lemme give you a scenario. Some people will get their paychecks today, then by tomorrow they’ll keep on saying that ” Hey, I don’t have money”. People who would go to Starbucks just to get that selfie thing and look awesome. My question here is, why do we do that? I am not generalizing everyone, it happens in real life. I understand that we all have responsibilities here, who don’t, right? We all have bills to pay and so I can say that there is no excuse here. It is always a matter of priority and thinking about future as well as dreams.

It’s hard to watch someone we love start to spiral into a cycle of poor choices. Everything in us wants to tell them to snap out of it, to shake them and ask why they just can’t see that what they’re doing is wrong. It makes my heart aches whenever I see people who just go with the flow. Like they do not look forward to the future. Those who seems like they do not have plans. People, is that the life you want to live? How about your dreams?  We’re not getting any younger. Time is running. Work hard and save up! No ones want to have a mediocre life, we are more than that. If you wanna be rich, do better. If you wanna have that dream house, save now.

Our current situation cannot dictate the future, our priorities will.

There is much beauty to be found in our natural world. There is nothing wrong with finding loveliness in our world, but if there is one thing that is more beautiful than anything else, it is you living your dreams with the Lord God himself. His love, his mercy, his grace, and his understanding—it is nothing short of breathtaking.

Don’t miss the beauty of having a dream today. Seek it. It’s there to be found! You’ve been created to enjoy all that is exquisite, beautiful, and captivating. Give in to that desire, and find it in Him! Once you have discovered the allure of it, you will find that nothing is more handsome than the Lord in his love.

Isaiah 30:21 New Living Translation (NLT)

21 Your own ears will hear him.
    Right behind you a voice will say,
“This is the way you should go,”
    whether to the right or to the left.


But for those who are struggling, the Bible says that we should restore them gently. In love. The very definition of the word restore is to repair. To properly repair something, you must take care to give it the support it needs. You can’t just slap a nail on a broken cabinet and expect it to hold up. It may work for a while, but without taking all the necessary steps to bring it back to its original condition, it will only deteriorate once again over time.

Do you know someone who needs restoration? Are you that “someone”.? Ask God to show you how you can gently support them through it. Pray for protection for yourself so that you will not fall into the same trap.

According to the Word, we have exactly that. When we truly desire to walk the path God sets us on, and when we earnestly seek his voice, he promises to lead us in the right direction. His ever-present Spirit is right there, ready to put us back on the path each time we wander off. Consider the decisions before you right now. To whom are you turning for guidance? Lay your options before God, and then listen for his voice.

Get your grip. Take that bow. Be ready to follow the Arrow of your Dreams.


❤ Je


























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