We do life together

God designed us to do life with other people. Not just any people, but people that will support, encourage and love us. These types of relationships can be easier said than done, especially when we know that people can hurt us and cause us pain. Nevertheless, deep relationships are something that God calls us to … More We do life together

It’s not You&Me

I want to be authentic. I don’t want to keep on thinking, I’ll figure that out later. I want to be what God wants me to be now. And that’s what being authentic is all about. It’s being real and developing the disciplines of a sincere faith. I think a lot of people want to … More It’s not You&Me


Everybody hates bullies. I would imagine the most men have painful memories of playground humiliations by older and bigger boys. I would imagine that most women have painful memories of being made to feel homely by a clique of prettier girls. While our memories of being bullied are strong,I doubt that we are even half aware of the pain we have inflicted on others. Our culture glorifies the strong and beautiful and has only contempt for the weak and plain. Does it surprise you to know that Satan tempts those who have their lives together spiritually to look down on weaker believers? I have never heard anyone admit to the sin of being a Pharisee, but the spirit of those arrogant, judgmental church people will never die. I know it’s in me (maybe sometimes, I’m not perfect), and it may live in you too. Here’s a better way: “We who are  strong ought to bear with the failings  of the weak” ( Romans 15:1 ). That means in humility realizing that I’m no better that anybody else. That means I daily recognize my need for a Savior and am daily grateful to Christ. That means I can choose to be as patient with the struggles around me as Christ has been with me. That means I can choose to extend a word of encouragement or a helping hand instead of a sneer. Who is in need of your mercy today? Who is in need of your understanding today ? There are books on school bullying—and more than enough data to support techniques for dealing with the problem. But when it comes to the church—there’s very little information. … More BULLIES in the CHURCH

It’s on PLAN

Why do women rarely pause to dream big dreams, to think big thoughts, or expect great things from God? But, hey! God has a plan for you, and it is not for you to have an “I’m fine” average life. You were created to be a woman of impact who is so in love with … More It’s on PLAN