Photo by ( Lj Swing ) When I watch TV, check the Internet, or listen to the conversations of students, it’s clear that our society (especially the teenage culture) sometimes has a very poor understanding of love. The amazing thing is there is so much information out there about this subject. There are thousands of … More REAL LOVE

What is REAL?

The Christian life that is real will display several “essential features” giving evidence of a changed person. These features are very clear in I John, where we see several “tests” that compare our lives to that of Jesus Christ… the “original”. So what does it mean to live the authentic Christian life? Many try to … More What is REAL?

Set Apart

We must be holy and live holy lives! What does that even mean? Well, simply put, it means to be set apart — in a good way. If you’re a Christian, that means you should think differently, act differently, and live your life differently. This is what it means to be set apart or holy. … More Set Apart