“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”
-John W. Gardner

Leaders know excellence when they see it. What is the value of excellence? Excellence inspires trust, loyalty, and respect and establishes a reputation that will follow you wherever you go and as long as you live. What “family” are you being called to lead? God desires excellence from you, no matter what your situation.


I’ve been competitive since day one. I want things to something I want it to be. Gone through ups and downs in life. Got to know God, got lost, then went back to God again. Lead people, lead network, responsibilities and this , and other things.

At times I was full of sorrow and angry with God for the burdens He had placed on me. Then I realized that this is who I was and where I was. Could the uniqueness of my life be seen as a gift and actually be vital for the adult and leader God intended me to become? I asked God to begin to show me how to live out my life in my situation, and this was a major turning point for me.
The woman of Proverbs 31 excelled in whatever she was given to do each day. God gives her to us by way of Scripture to show us excellence, strength, and beauty. It is a perfect picture of what God wants from His leaders in all walks of life; be the person He created you to be and excel regardless of your situation.


To God Be The Glory


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