Not feeling, It’s true I’m 22!

That’s quick! I’ve been living in this earth for 22yrs. God has been so gracious!

Going back, I’m thinking If I could just remember all those 22yrs .. From day1 up to this point of my life. So, I’m contemplating on listing 22 things/scenario that I want to remember. Maybe you could help me remember?

1. Of Course, first things first! I want to remember the moment I was born. Lol like having a picture how I came to this world . Lol. Sounds weird right?

2. 1st birthday celebration! How did we celebrate it? Who were my guest? Maybe relatives , yeah?

3. Favorite food when I was young! what was my to go food back then? What can make me stop crying? Haha. or maybe I don’t have favorites coz I’m a living pig back then! ( hey wait that’s a secret )

4. First day of schooling! Did I cry? Did I put tantrums? Haha.

5. What is the first song I learn? What is it?

6. Who is my male bestfriend back in preschool? I got some minimal memories from that time, all I know is I have this bestfriend name Emmanuel. But who is he now? Where is he?

7. What I do best before? Dancing? Probably not singing! Lol

8. When was the first time I spoke? And what is it. Omg I’m so curious.

9. What is my favorite dress?

10. I wonder If I have a major embarrassing moment back then.

11. I want to remember my classmates during preschool by names.

12. What is my heaviest? Lol I don’t wanna know.

13. The moment my mom went oversees, what happened by that time?

14. My first exam during Kinder , how did I do it?

15. My dancing contest/ family days during preschool.

16. My first ever good shoes. Oh well I want to remember! Because you know I love shoes!

17. Before, how would I spend 100pesos?

18. Am I sweet back when I’m young?

19. How many can of Milk I gained? Hahaha. But I remember Anchor is my favorite.

20. How would I play with my neighbor brothers before? But I remember what I wear always, you know Im boyish back then. I would always go with a kentucky white sando and JUST a underwear! ( oops censored )

21. What is my painful scar? Accident?

22. Lastly, when did I spend , how I spend my money????? I don’t remember! Hahaha






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