Hello November, Hello Birth-month!

A4D9D66C-4EF5-4AB6-BEE7-7FF2861877B5-0.jpg4…..3…..2….1! And we are on the last two months of 2015! How fast that was! — meaning I’ll be getting older for it is my BIRTH-MONTH!

Looking back from the past months, I realized that it has been like a crazy roller coaster ride. Laughters, Joys, Heartaches, Disappointments, Hardships, name all of it! Yes, it did strike me at my best and at my worst. Good thing I have the best company on my side.

I’ll share you something I randomly wrote on my Note last September , I went back to it… then yes ! just what I needed to remind myself and for you guys also, maybe?

“In life there will always be ups and downs, there will never be an assurance with everything. 

You could always do this and that… You might fail but that doesn’t mean that you’ll end up with nothing. 

All of us loves challenges.. Some wants to be the challenger, some wants to be challenged. 


Your standing doesn’t determined your growth. Your age doesn’t determined your maturity.

You will always be the last say(decision maker) on how you goin to be. Not your parents, not your friends, not your boss,not even your professors, yup just YOU. 

We make our own plans. We decide for ourselves. People might push us to do something we don’t want.

There is a possibility to rebel, admit it. A lot of times we fall for nothing. 

We suffer for things that we don’t even deserve . 

Friends will left you like you are good for nothing. Things will get rocky…. But don’t get aback.

Get a grip on the ground, remember WHO is your Bedrock. At the end of the day, your scars will fade, there will no longer be strongholds. You will go deep , instead of trials you’ll get triumphs. Instead of being the victim, you’ll gonna be victorious. 


“ There will be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning” 


But sometimes we are not always on our good shape. We don’t always feel good. Point in our lives that we feel weakest. 

Hey, to tell you honestly, you are still OKAY. Even in your most difficult moments. There is always something good  about bad day. I pray that we should see brighter moments rather than dull moments.”

Yes, you are still okay, I am still OKAY, and I’m going to be all of the time. Whatever you are experiencing right now, whatever you are into, you are OKAY, you are STILL OKAY.


IMG_0421 IMG_0422                                  

And now its already November, as I have said I’m getting older soon… like in 6 days! and Yes, I am still okay. And with that I want to list 5 things that I wish to be done for this month of November:


As I am getting older 6 days from now, I’ll be having my first ever convergence with my whole “WATCHMEN” network . And it is going to be on my birthday itself, how fun it is to celebrate with my disciples and their disciples!


Who wouldn’t want to celebrate? Who wouldn’t want to feel special on their day? We all want to feel  happy, to feel remembered, to feel the importance.  I want to celebrate with my love ones, family, close friends, friends, circles. I don’t go with all the fabulous surprises, sincerity is what I wish. It doesn’t have to be so CHIC, I’ll go for CHILL vibes.


As I mature in numbers, I wanna mature emotionally and mentally even more. I want to learn new things. I don’t wanna stop learning because I wanna keep growing. I wanna level up my way of thinking, my way of seeing things. I want to see things on a bigger picture.


Yes! you read it right! And it is going to happen very very SOON… I’ll be establishing my own business with a some good business partners on my side. Me, talking about business, surely it’s gonna be about CLOTHING! I really hope you could support me/us . it is COMING VERY SOON.


Nuff said. I wanna LOVE more. To increase my love for other people. To always pursue LOVING KINDNESS. I wanna develop the attitude of always looking on the good side from every person. I wanna develop GOOD KIND of RELATIONSHIPS. Friendships that will last, and always TRUE. I’m tired with all the pretenders of this world. I wish to have more LOVE in every person.

IMG_0424 IMG_0423

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