Youth! on this free day, we have the FREEDOM to dwell on the Presence of God . As the whole country celebrates the Independence Day , We, together, Let’s pray for REVIVAL in this nation! #PrayPampanga later today at 5 PM on the His Life City Church, concert grounds.. 😊 let’s not be idle with our time rather take time in prayer where we can MOVE the heart of God! With just a touch from His heart, the fire won’t stop!! So let’s keep the fire burning! And EVERYONE is invited 😊 along with different churches from all over Pampanga, we will unite with hearts as one – undivided for Jesus. Don’t miss the outpour of the Holy Spirit! Later today. Never underestimate the power of PRAYER, it CAN CHANGE A NATION! God is on the move! See you later!! 😊

— This is the main invite for youth from yesterdays #PrayPampanga where in almost 5 thousand people from different churches of Pampanga gathered for one reason- To PRAY.
#PrayPampanga is a movement where in Pastors, Churches, Congregations gather in one place PRAYING for the province of Pampanga & and for the whole nation as One .

God’s listening!!!

What makes you think that God is listening when you pray?

There is only one satisfactory answer to that urgent question: we know he’s listening because his Word tells us. We don’t have the divine ability to see what’s going on in the spirit world. We can’t see how the sound energy in our voices, or the mental energy in our thoughts, reaches all the way up to heaven. It is enough for us to know that he hears. We will let him worry about the physics.
His Word never lies, and his Word says this about how important he sees your communication efforts: “The LORD is far from the wicked but he hears the prayer of the righteous” (Proverbs 15:29). That prayer connection is not given to all. Only through faith in Jesus Christ are we declared righteous enough to be called God’s children. Only through faith in Christ are our messages received, answered, and then processed. Only through faith in Christ are the angels of heaven directed to carry out God’s kindly intentions toward us.

Here is honor indeed–the Lord of the universe chooses to listen to you. Little you.

So ….
Wait for it

I am convinced that one of people’s greatest frustrations and hindrances to their faith and confidence in God is the dilemma of “unanswered prayer.” When you have asked and pleaded for help during a season of stress and nothing seems to have happened, all you can conclude is that God is unable, or if able does not know what to do, or if he does know and doesn’t act he must not love you anymore. If any one of those three conclusions is true, our faith is devastated.

We are earthbound. We are locked into the rigid grid of time, able to experience only one second at a time. God is unlimited in space and time. He is everywhere and “everytime” at once, managing the lives of the believers for good over both the short and long term.

Sometimes we have to wait because God’s answer involves a complex set of occurrences that have to happen first. Sometimes we wait because God, knowing us better than we know ourselves, sees that we need to wait. Sometimes we wait because we are too immature for the gift that he will give.

What Scripture makes clear is that you can trust God’s brain and his arm and his heart. “I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD” (Psalm 27:13,14).

God Bless you now and always,

❤️ Je

( DISCLAIMER: Photos grabbed from people who attended )


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