DECISIONS- in the making


Every decisions we make will affect us, either good or bad. If we make the best choice in a situation, things will be better for us. If we make a bad choice , often things will be harder for us in the long run.

Everyone makes bad decisions at times. But when we do, it’s important that we don’t run away and hide ourselves to God just like what Adam and Eve did in the garden. We must stay connected with Him so He can help us through our bad decisions.

The choices we make don’t just affect us, they can also affect others in either good or bad way. When we make bad decisions , we sometimes hurt others and damage our relationship with them . And to avoid hurting others with our bad moves, we must look to God to know how to make a wise choice.

The friends we surround ourselves will determine who we become. They either support us in making wise decisions, or lead us down a path of bad choices. Let us choose to surround ourselves with friends who encourages us to seek God’s wisdom. The decisions we make define the person we become. So in our day-to-day moments we must constantly look to God. He gives us His wisdom for a purpose– so that we may live the life that He indented for us.

We must pray and remain connected with Him so that when it comes time to decide, we choose the right path. and in choosing the right path, we choose to be defined by God’s wisdom.

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