Photo by ( Lj Swing )

When I watch TV, check the Internet, or listen to the conversations of students, it’s clear that our society (especially the teenage culture) sometimes has a very poor understanding of love. The amazing thing is there is so much information out there about this subject. There are thousands of books currently in print with the word “love” in the title. Not to mention the enormous amount of websites that use the word “love” as one of their key search words.

It is very clear how important love is to our culture – to people in general. But with all this information available, love has become a very confusing subject. With our society so confused about love, who is to say what love is? The answer is God! One of the simplest and yet most profound definitions of love is found in 1 John 4:8 “…God is love.”

Have you ever been preparing for a school exam and realized when you started the test you had been studying the wrong chapter? If you have done this or can picture this happening it sounds pretty crazy, right? Let’s ask ourselves this question though, Where are we learning about God’s love from? Our answer to this question is best displayed when our love for God is tested. We have to be careful what we are “studying” and where our information is coming from.

Think about two key components of influence: the things you watch and hear (TV, computer, music, etc.) and the friends you surround yourself with. Write down the top five things you watch and hear the most. Write down the five people you’re around the most. Now ask the question, Do these things and people help me on my journey of understanding God’s love?

Andy Stanley, “Somehow, what’s in our hearts, good or bad is eventually translated into words and deeds.


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