Don’t wait for Harmony– Create it!!!

12517_10206739901322466_4029389714263243137_nI feel no particular responsibility for the ambience, menu, waitstaff, and food at a restaurant that I visit. I come to consume and enjoy. Period. If the experience was great, I will be back. If not, I may never return. Not my problem.

I have no such luxury of disinterest in my personal relationships–at work, at church, at home. If there are dysfunctions in relationships, I own them. If there is tension in the air, I own it. If there are leadership problems, I own them.

God doesn’t want me merely to be a consumer in my workplace, church, and home. I don’t have the luxury of checking out if I don’t like what I hear and see. It’s as though God is telling me, “Don’t just wait for a great vibe–create it!”

“All of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble. Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult, but with blessing” (1 Peter 3:8,9).

One of the great themes in the entire Scripture is the power of one. One person can change a relationship. One person can change the culture of a group. One person’s leadership and example can bring the Spirit’s power and affect the whole group.

God just needs me to go first. And you.

Maybe you are on group of Christians and you know that there is a need to step up, Just do it!!!! with all said and done, you are doing it for the Glory of God .

Lately, I’ve been doing some Campus Ministry around Pampanga as well as ministering to other churches. I know that it is all because of God’s Grace and provision .. Always , I am being reminded that ” When there is vision, there’s God’s provision” .

If God’s wants to use you, then be it! Your Availability is the key for God to bless you. Maybe you are in a position that you are afraid to step up, let me tell you this , take courage! God is always with you..

Doing these ministries requires a different kind of harmony. And I praise God that I didn’t even had a struggle about it. I’m doing ministries with people from other churches, gladly there’s no any barrier.

There’s No Church Divisions! We just do what God wants us to do and we know the reason on why we do it.

Let God use you. Obey and He will take you to places!!!


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