What’s my IDENTITY?

Identity is defined as who you are.IMG_8053

It’s what makes you who you are; it’s what makes you unique. Still, this can be hard to understand because many of us are still learning who we are each day.

People may call us things like unpopular, or nerd. They may also call us nice things like pretty, or say we’re good at sports. But God says these things are not who we are. Other people do not choose our identity. God chooses our identity. He tells us who we are. You were made in the image of God. This is who you are to your very core. No matter what you like about yourself or don’t like about yourself, your identity is in God. He says that we are His creation; He made us how and who we are for a reason. And no matter what others say, you matter to God. He created us to have a relationship with Him.

It can be tempting to let what others say about us define who we believe we are. But that’s not where our identity comes from. You are not what others say and think you are; you are what God says and thinks you are. You are not on your own; you belong to God. You are His, and always will be. People will always look at us on the outside. They’ll think who we are depends on how we look and whether we’re cool or not. But God looks at our hearts, and we’ll only have peace when we believe who God says we are: His precious creations that He loves.

We can try to have the highest grades and be the best at school. We can try to be the best at sports. But being smart and good at sports doesn’t define who we are. We have to realize that others cannot create our identity. God has already told us who we are. He says that no matter how smart we are, how weak or strong we are, how athletic we are, or how much people like us, we are loved by Him and matter so much to Him. Through our weakness we are able to see how great and strong God is. It doesn’t matter if others say we aren’t good at something, God says He can use all of us to show His love to the world.

There is no such thing as a perfect identity. If you always try to be someone that others will like, you’ll end up not having peace in your life. To have peace in our lives, we must listen to God and get comfortable being who He wants us to be. We’re meant to rely on Him, to know His love for us, and trust that God shows us our identity.

Part of living a godly life is having a group of friends who support you in your relationship with Him. Being a part of a godly community is vital in not forgetting that who we are is defined by God and not others


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