It Starts with me

Being on time makes you more than a punctual person. If you want to impress your future boss, receive more responsibility, be respected among your friends, and live a disciplined life, then it starts with you being on time.IMG_4292.JPGIn a world where we worry about anything and everything, we don’t worry about being on time like we do our Instagram posts, our shoe game, or our bench-press max.

While being late – even by a few minutes – might not seem like a big deal, over time you will see a lack in discipline and urgency in other areas of your life as well. To set yourself up for the best opportunities in the future and to create good disciplines in other areas of your life, make punctuality a priority.

Your ability and commitment to being on time says a lot about you and how you choose to live your life. This is something that will be noticed by your future husband or wife, boss, pastor, friends, and Jesus.IMG_4308.JPGI’m wearing : Crop top ( Forever21 ) , Denim top ( F&H ) , Skirt ( JustG )
IMG_4302.JPGIMG_4304.JPGIMG_4301-0.JPGIMG_4300.JPGIMG_4303.JPGIMG_4290.JPGThe discipline of being on time can make a huge difference in your life. Do today what you will thank yourself for tomorrow!

God Bless you now and always!
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❤ Je


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