Conquered Mt. Arayat

I am an adventurous person. I always want to experience something new . Going out of my comfort zone and up to explore the fullness of my ability .

Early this year , I got to experienced Mount Arayat.



Mount Arayat is an extinct stratovolcano on Luzon Island, Philippines, rising to a height of 1,026 metres (3,366 ft) . Just knowing how high it is , it came to a point that I struggled if I will come or not. Gladly I decided to come!

The mountain is considered a mystical one, the legendary home of Aung/Aring Sinukuan/Sinkuan/Suku or the Fairy known as diwata Mariang Sinukuan depending on which version of the story the readers or listeners prefer . It’s your choice if you will believe this, again this is just a pure myth .

We started from 6:00 in the morning then reached the peak at probably 11am . The way to the top is not that easy!!! Some part were muddy and considering the fact that the path we took is the hard one . So STEEP!!!! I hardly convinced myself to finish it cause it was so tiring!




But I thank God , I didn’t give up! I reached the top! Now I can’t wait to conquer more mountains here in the Philippines! Embrace the beauty of our Mother Nature as well as save it from human acts. Let’s stop the littering and start preserving its beauty .

Here are some of the photos we took.






And lastly, The Team


Cheers for more adventures!
God bless you now and always

❤ Je


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