Learn to Listen


But all who listen to me will live in peace, untroubled by fear of harm.” (‭Proverbs‬ ‭1‬:‭33‬ NLT)

If you listen to God and follow what God says, you will not have to fear.

We all listen to something, and sometimes we even act like we’re listening to someone when we really aren’t (you know, like you do in that class you have with the boring teacher?).

In this passage, listening is being pointed out as an important quality to have, especially listening to God. I know you’re saying, well, God doesn’t speak to me, but is that really true? Or, is the truth that God is speaking to you all the time but you never take the time to stop, unplug (from the mp3, podcast, DVD, TV. etc.) and listen for God? It’s like having a two-way radio like truck drivers use that has many different channels.

God is talking on Channel 3, but you’re on every other channel listening to your favorite songs, watching your favorite shows, or talking to a friend. But, it’s clear here that if we just listen to God then we would live in safety, be at ease, and wouldn’t have to fear any harm. In order for these things to happen, we must take time to listen to God, not just hear, but, listen. This means we are taking in what God is saying and processing it. <

(Note: Once you are “tuned in” to God, you will hear from Him in many different ways. You may hear God speak to you audibly, send you messages through the TV, or even highway billboards. God may also speak inside where you can “hear” him in your spirit. You will know God is speaking to you in this manner when everybody and everything else is saying the total opposite of what God is saying to you.)

Today try breaking away from everything else and focus on listening to God. Start right now by turning things off that make noise and sit quietly (for real quiet). Read a passage of scripture, and then just listen to hear what God has to share. What you will hear is probably what you’ve been waiting for, but couldn’t hear because your world has been too loud.

God Bless you now and always,

❤ Je


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