Casual Sunday

It’s a good day, Sunday!!! And finally exams are over!

So lets talk about that feeling of after you take the exam..

Waiting for exam results can be a scary time; it’s like you have an appointment with fear! As the hype starts to ratchet up, your stomach may very well start to churn. Of course this is normal. It is to be expected that you feel stressed, nervous, panicky and anxious. Especially , if you are an Accounting student like me! Oh well others will know. You may not even realise that you are feeling the effects of stress.


The stress of waiting for exam results could mean that you are experiencing the following:

🌻Difficulty in concentrating
🌻Headaches, abdominal pain, tightness in your chest, pounding heart or breathing difficulties
🌻Difficulty in getting to sleep at night
🌻Recurring nightmares
🌻Abnormal eating habits – eating more than usual or having no appetite for food
🌻Loss of sense of humour and a feeling that things are out of proportion
🌻Increased intake of coffee
🌻Negative thoughts
🌻Withdrawal from friends and social situations
🌻Lack of motivation
🌻Overly tired despite adequate sleep
🌻Feeling run-down

And I …. Experienced all these!!

So what can we do to cope up?

Look after yourself: In the days leading up to the exam results try to allocate some time for relaxation. This is really important as we often are too busy or too worked-up to think about taking a certain amount of time to just do something that relaxes you. This could include a long soak in a bubble bath, a walk by the beach, time spent on your Xbox or Playstation or just listening to your favourite music. It will be different for everyone and that’s ok as long as you know what relaxes you and you put the time aside for that activity.

And lastly, have faith that you did great on the exam .. Remember, God will never put you to shame in the fact that you did your best ..

Smile…Watch your favorite series.. Eat what you want.. Remember, don’t deprived yourself!

God Bless you now and always,

❤ Je

Photographer : Lj Suing








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