Going Nautical ⚓️

Okay .. Exams are on its way. Hell-week status’ are about to raid our timelines … Sleepless nights and stressful days . YES it’s PRELIM week.


Sometimes you look at a complex problem during self revision and during exams and give up instantly. You’re surprised by your classmate’s ability to comprehend the complicated theory. You then resign yourself to statements like, “He’s smarter than me”. But you need to stop coming up with excuses. If you’re willing to put in more effort to understand something, you too will excel. Nobody can look at something new for a short while and expect to understand it immediately and thoroughly. Persistence is the key to success!

“Success is a function of persistence, doggedness and the willingness to work hard for 20 minutes to make sense of something that most people would give up on after 30 seconds.” – Malcom Gladwell

Not everyone has a flawless academic record and experiencing setbacks is okay. Sometimes we get so haunted by one failure, which usually happens to be trivial, that we get too terrified to even try again. But as this proverb suggests, even if you fail seven times, you stand up on the eighth.

Stop being lazy. Grab your pen and open your books.. I actually advice everyone to not wait for the exam weeks to focus on studying.. We all have the luxury of time even at the beginning of the semester . Let’s practice diligence in reviewing lessons by lessons at the beginning..

I hope this can serve as an motivation for you to strive.. You are not alone! My friend, I know the feeling… I’M ON MY EXAM WEEK!!!!!!! and I pray that It will a Grace-filled week.

God Bless you now and forever
❤ Je

Me chanelling a NAUTICAL look ( having navy colors )








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