The Korean Side of Me ( Best Korean Dramas )

I’ve watched Korean Dramas since my elementary stage but I didn’t have time for it during highschools’ . But wouldn’t you agree with me that watching Korean Drama will make you feel “fairy tale” is real?

Okay don’t laugh at me .. But I’m sure you’ll agree with it ..

I’ve been fond of watching some series due to some reasons:

* it makes me feel good
* gives that giggling face
* oh well the love stories of course!
* the lessons behind every drama
* brings out my girly attitude
* the oh so good looking characters ! ( there’s no questions to that! )

But then again I’m not so addicted to it .. I’m making sure it’s not getting a lot of my time ( well you should check how much time you spend watching ) . We all need to know what’s to priority or not ..

The thing that Koreans influenced us, Filipinos, a lot .. In foods ,who will never love ramen and kimchi ?! , in cosmetics , korean’s skins are the best right! , in music , though we don’t actually understand the meaning of all of it .. We consider it coz it fun in the ears , and there are a lot of Filipinos who loves Kpop . No wonder! And in clothes , Koreans wear cute clothes! That’s enough said .. We all want that!

So before this Korean thing goes on … I would like to share some dramas you should never missed .

these dramas are not in order .. I just love them all! BUT I MIGHT ADD SOME SOON I just need to catch up on some next time 🙂

Personal Taste

My Princess




Bel Ami

Mary Stayed Out All Night

Boys over Flowers

Love Rain

Flower Boy Ramen Shop

The Heirs

Oh my Lady!

Take care of the Young Lady


Playful Kiss


Flower Boy Next Door


Dream High 1 and 2



Hope this can help you if you’re wondering on what to watch ..

God Bless Everyone!

❤ Je


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