What will you Believe?

It’s been awhile since I last updated my blog! Well then sorry for being MIA .. Lets do the run! Stay on track! Way to go to the Finish line of thoughts and ideas ..


Well I wanna write about things that we should and shouldn’t believe . Basically we are all looking for the truth right? So the question is are we really exposed to the Truth or all we know is LIES?
So now I’ll give you my TOP 2 on the list of Influencers .

1. Government
Our president, the senators , our congressmen and other law makers , these people who rule our country .. Do they really give justice ? Are they truthfully follow our laws? Are they also a honest tax payers? They’re our Big Bosses , but is that a lead that we need to follow all they’re rules? Maybe they’re just doing it for their own good ?

2. Media
Media is one of the strongest influence to us Filipinos . Sometimes we believe what we see on televisions , what we hear on radios , what we search on the net . But did you really think that media gives us the 100% truth? Probably not. Media will always be Media .. It runs with the ratings .. Yeah it runs with money .. Sometimes they just give us what we wanna hear not what we should hear .

But at the end of the day .. It has always been God .. Yeah in the beginning .. GOD .

The truth will always be inclined in God’s will. We’ll never go wrong with that ..

Let us not be troubled with the things on tho world . Lets us not be drowned to it. Let hate sin! and sin no more!

Believe in God and focus on what is ETERNAL..

Re-educate the MINDS . Seek the TRUTH. Find door for HOPE.

God Bless Everyone!

❤ Je


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