Don’t you love Sudden Happenings ?

Stung by the splendour of a sudden thought.
Robert Browning 

Last Nov 5,2013 , Me and my B’s decided to go on a sudden swimming trip on  a rainy day. Since were all busy schooling, we haven’t had the time to spend time with each other.. So now.. it’s our semestral break, we took advantage on it!! Then…. BAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!

We are now in PARADISE! 🙂 

so let me share you our mini adventure….

1. The Place 

We got really surprised about the place! See how it is so amazing!! Check Armando’s Wellness Resort  .

I got some pictures for you.. But I suggest , check their site for more pictures.. Image




2. The Food

We , Filipinos definitely love EATING! ( who wouldn’t right? ) Plus , we are known to have our delicious dishes..

and yeah.. we decided to have a potlock. Individually we assigned each to bring something for us to eat 🙂




( Oh I got hungry upon seeing this photos!!! )

And with that……………………….. we have a loyal guard.. THE MIGHTY CAT!!


3. The Buddies 

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca 

We call each other as “B’s” .. We definitely have our own differences but we jived.. Many wouldn’t understand but we do love each others company.. Though sometimes we don’t have time for each other , but at the end of the day , She’s still your friend.

This is the real friendship.!!




and I will forever love these girls even though they always take weird photos of me ..


So that’s our mini adventure… Hope you’ve been inspired even just a little..

Let me know your also! I also wanna hear from you…

For blog suggestions please drop a comment or just email me at

Thank you!

God Bless everyone! 

<3, JE


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