Ambassadors EGW

Honestly, I’m having a hard time on how to start this blog post … just because I’m too excited to share with you guys my wonderful experiences within 3 days of our Network’s Encounter ( October 23-25 ,2013 )

Okay lets start by compiling my memories ….. Bear with me please…

Day 1: Take off
We started with the Registration


Total registration was 49people ..
We held our EGW at Campstone located at Bulaon, Pampanga .. Sadly I didn’t get the chance to take a photo about the facility .. But I tell you , it is a good facility.. You might get a glance on it with the photos that I will share through out this blog post .

The First Session
Our leader , Pastor Gelo Sangalang shared about The Story of Zacchaeus


It is a story on how you’ll be desperate for God

Maybe we didn’t have a good take off since we feel that we’re not still in harmony ( during worship ) but God presence is just so amazing through out the first night!
Btw here’s our Music Team ( Lead by Jerich Manaloto )


Day 2 : Loaded
We started our day with our Dawnwatch . ( We prayed to God early in the morning ) then straight with our own group devotions , have our breakfast then ready with the morning exercises .
Our first session that day is The Fatherly Love preached by Geil Nocom . Everyone felt the never ending LOVE of our Daddy God.

Followed by our next preacher Nico Ambrocio who talked about The Story of David

Then The Story of Jacob , how he was blessed by God preached by the passionate Lj Suing .

And by the Grace of God , Me , myself had the privilege to preach the topic Rejection , on how God will heal us from our hurts and sufferings . God is really faithful that I made it! I will talk more of my preaching on my next blog post .


Then followed by The Sin List talked by my fellow Ambs .. and our final session that day is The Cross … There could never be a better topic than this .. This will bring us back to our first LOVE ….. JESUS!!!


Day 3 : Last Day
it’s our last day , but we believe for more! We know that God is a progressive God ! Then BOOM! What a day !
Justin Martinez , son of our senior Pastor Anthony Martinez shared about Living in Victory


This is probably one of the highlights of this EGW, hearing our Pastor’s son sharing his powerful testimony on how he turn back to Jesus..
and yes the most awaited and look forward session The HOLYSPIRIT


T’was a privileged praying for our prayer Pastor Jerry Ebe after he minister to us .. Such a powerful and anointed man of God! Founded with PRAYER! Just WOW!

This could be one of the best 3 days of my life .. God is indeed faithful with our network , The Ambassadors … We’re able to planned and prepared all of these in just 2 weeks .. God’s provision is really a history ! From the finances down to the small details .. Indeed He’s ABLE.. When it really God’s activity , it’ll be His ability..

and Lastly , in just 3 days .. Our relationship as a network became a family .. We are now ready to step up! founded with Friendship .. Faith .. Love .. Now we are UNITED! Thank you Jesus for this spiritual family … My Ambassadors Family




God Bless everyoune!

❤ Je


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