Don’t you worry child .

It can be so easy to believe the lie that you are too young to do great things. But that’s just not true. You, right now today, have the ability to set an example for EVERYONE
in your life. Have that “I CAN DO THIS” mindset !

You can make a difference, and you don’t need to wait until you’re older, wiser, or more mature. God will use you NOW as you are. So, live up to what God is calling you to and who He has made you to be. Give yourself to those things entirely. If you do, you will see God do amazing, awesome, and exciting things in and through your
life. Go and live life enjoying God, who He has made you to be. Glorify Him with all you have and all you are. And see the world through the EYES of a CHILD .


Let this be a encouragement for all of us guys as we face the last quarter of the year .. Let us be reminded that God is faithful.. Don’t lose the grip. Cling to the Word. And together lets make a difference ..

God bless everyone !

❤ Je


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