The Leader in Me


God chose us to be the leader. Why? Just because. Because He’s God and He can choose anyone He wants. It wasn’t because of anything special about you or me ..

Where do you feel like you come up short? What areas of your life make you feel like you don’t have what it takes? Know this—God will use you for great things. He wants to. It doesn’t matter why you feel like you’re not good enough. Get over your insecurities and choose to let God use you. He wants you to step up and lead, but you need to choose to accept the call. So today, discover all the areas you feel like you come up short. Turn those over to God, and pray that God will use you in spite of those things.

Remember Joshua1:9 , He’s with you wherever you go .. So take heart and trust God .. Let God write your life testimony..

God bless everyone!

❤ Je


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